International Self-Care Day 2024

24. July 2024/by Leonie Fath

ENDOTARGET publication: β Boswellic Acid Blocks Articular Innate Immune Responses: An In Silico and In Vitro Approach to Traditional Medicine

15. July 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Population Day 2024

11. July 2024/by ENDOTARGET

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month!

1. July 2024/by ENDOTARGET

1st ENDOTARGET live Webinar

28. June 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Microbiome Day 2024

27. June 2024/by ENDOTARGET

As TASTY as it gets – learn about the trial that aims to study the efficacy of the mediTerranean diet in low diseASe activiTY rheumatoid arthritis

24. June 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Loneliness Awareness Week 2024

10. June 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Digestive Health Day 2024

29. May 2024/by ENDOTARGET

ENDOTARGET third biannual consortium meeting in Naples

13. May 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Europe Day 2024!

9. May 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Axial Spondyloarthritis Day

4. May 2024/by ENDOTARGET

MAY – Arthritis Awareness Month

1. May 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Long COVID Project

29. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

OARSI World Congress on Osteoarthritis 2024

18. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Gut-Bone-Axis Meeting 2024

17. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Upcoming Events – Meet our Partners!

15. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Biannual Consortium Meeting 2024 in Naples

12. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Health Day 2024!

7. April 2024/by ENDOTARGET

IMMEDIATE – ENDOTARGET’s sister project

26. March 2024/by ENDOTARGET

World Young Rheumatic Disease Day 2024!

18. March 2024/by ENDOTARGET

International Women’s Day!

8. March 2024/by ENDOTARGET

1st SHIFT-HUB International Online Brokerage Event in Health Innovation

26. February 2024/by ENDOTARGET

GlycanTrigger – ENDOTARGET’s sister project

22. February 2024/by ENDOTARGET

International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

11. February 2024/by ENDOTARGET

New ENDOTARGET scientific publication

3. February 2024/by ENDOTARGET

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) – ENDOTARGET Network

26. January 2024/by ENDOTARGET

The ENDOTARGET EU Project video is out now!

26. January 2024/by ENDOTARGET

ENDOTARGET wishes you a Happy New Year 2024!

1. January 2024/by ENDOTARGET

ENDOTARGET wishes you a Merry Christmas!

25. December 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine Meeting 2023

12. December 2023/by ENDOTARGET

ENDOTARGET second biannual consortium meeting 2023 

4. December 2023/by ENDOTARGET

SEZ Steinbeis Europa Zentrum – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

13. November 2023/by ENDOTARGET

American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Convergence 2023

10. November 2023/by ENDOTARGET

International Genetic Epidemiology Society 32nd Annual Meeting 2023

5. November 2023/by ENDOTARGET

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting 2023

1. November 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Biannual Consortium Meeting 2023 in Santiago de Compostela

26. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

4th International World of Microbiome Conference 2023

26. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Upcoming Events – Meet our Partners!

16. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

World Arthritis Day 2023

12. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

World Mental Health Day 2023

10. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

NEC – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

9. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Child Health Day 2023

2. October 2023/by ENDOTARGET

17th International Conference on Human Microbiome (ICHM) 2023

25. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

The Human Microbiome Symposium 2023

20. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Probiotics, Prebiotics & New Foods Congress 2023

16. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 2023

11. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

11. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Upcoming Events – Meet our Partners!

8. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) | Calls for twinnning

8. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) online webinar | Bringing your digital health solution to the market

8. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

International Pain Awareness Month 2023

5. September 2023/by ENDOTARGET

iMM Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

14. August 2023/by ENDOTARGET

International Self-Care Day 2023

24. July 2023/by ENDOTARGET

New ENDOTARGET scientific publication

10. July 2023/by ENDOTARGET

UTARTU University of Tartu – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

10. July 2023/by ENDOTARGET

New ENDOTARGET scientific publication

3. July 2023/by ENDOTARGET


3. July 2023/by ENDOTARGET

EBRIS European Biomedical Research Institute of Salerno – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

19. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET

IDIS Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela and SERGAS Galician Health System – ENDOTARGET Project Partners

15. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Loneliness Awareness Week 2023

13. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET

ETH Zürich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich- ENDOTARGET Project Partner

12. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET

TUW Technical University of Vienna – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

9. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET

UH University of Helsinki – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

7. June 2023/by ENDOTARGET


8. May 2023/by ENDOTARGET

MAY – Arthritis Awareness Month

2. May 2023/by ENDOTARGET

HUS Helsinki University Hospital – ENDOTARGET Project Coordinator

13. April 2023/by ENDOTARGET

ENDOTARGET Kick-off meeting

13. April 2023/by ENDOTARGET

New ENDOTARGET scientific publication

4. April 2023/by ENDOTARGET

New ENDOTARGET scientific publication

4. April 2023/by ENDOTARGET

XLIX SER National Congress

4. April 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Introduction of the EU funded project ENDOTARGET

31. March 2023/by ENDOTARGET

Reach out to the ENDOTARGET EU Project