Gut-Bone-Axis Meeting 2024

17.-19. April 2024 in Naples (Italy).

Meet the ENDOTARGET project partners at the Gut-Bone-Axis Meeting 2024.

This meeting aims to bring together experts and researchers in different fields to delve into multifaceted aspects of the gut-bone axis. Our primary objectives are the following:

  1. Understand the interaction:
    Explore the intricate relationship between the composition of the gut microbiota, its metabolites and their influence on bone remodeling and density. Study the mechanisms and signaling pathways through which gut-derived factors influence bone health.
  2. Clinical implications:
    Discuss clinical implications and potential therapeutic interventions for bone-related disorders resulting from dysbiosis or gut health disorders. Review current diagnostic tools and methodologies for evaluating the gut-bone axis in clinical settings.
  3. Nutritional factors and lifestyle:
    Examine the role of diet, prebiotics, probiotics, and other lifestyle factors in modulating the gut microbiota and subsequently influencing bone health.
    Explore how lifestyle modifications can be integrated into clinical practice to improve bone outcomes.
  4. Future directions and collaborations:
    Identify gaps in current research and propose avenues for further investigation. Promote collaborations between multidisciplinary teams to improve our understanding of the gut-bone axis and translate findings into clinical practice.
    This meeting aims to serve as a platform to share cutting-edge research, promote interdisciplinary dialogue, and catalyze innovative approaches to address the complex interrelationship between gut and bone health. By bringing together experts in this field, we hope to pave the way for transformative advances in both research and clinical practice.

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