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Spring 2024 – Upcoming Events


 Gut-Bone-Axis Meeting 2024.

17.-19. April 2024 in Naples (Italy).

The Gut-Bone-Axis Meeting 2024 is a three day scientific symposium bringing together researchers and clinicans from the immunology, bone and gut fields with internationally renowned keynote speakers, orals selected from abstract submissions and poster presentations.
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OARSI World Congress on Osteoarthritis.

18.-21. April 2024 in Vienna (Austria).

The OARSI World Congress is the premier annual international forum for those involved in OA research and treatment. Congress attendees are involved in all aspects of OA including biomarkers, imaging, pain, cell biology, biomechanics, genetics and genomics, prevention, cartilage repair & treatment.

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OARSI 2024 World Congress on Osteoarthritis

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TechForum Millstatt.

03.-07. June 2024 in Millstatt (Austria).

TechForum Millstatt provides an opportunity to disucss current technological advances in miniturization of biomedical devices, future technological trends and innovation potentials in health and environmental science.

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TFM – AMI (microfluidics-initiative.com)

Registration – AMI (microfluidics-initiative.com)