SEZ Steinbeis Europa Zentrum – ENDOTARGET Project Partner

The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (SEZ) stands for over 30 years of experience in innovation consulting and research funding throughout Europe and beyond. The success of the SEZ is based on three strong partners (Steinbeis 2i GmbH, Steinbeis IDEA Europe, Steinbeis EU FOR YOU), which join their forces under the umbrella brand Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.  

Thus, we are successful with projects worldwide: in 2020, we were involved in 72 EU projects with 620 partners in 41 countries. In Germany, SEZ is the number one company for EU projects with 146 project participations. This has been shown by an evaluation of the participation of organisations in the European research framework programmes Horizon 2020 (2014-2021) and Horizon Europe (2021-2027) (as of 1/2023). 

Well-connected with international partners and networks, we stand by companies, start-ups, universities, research institutions and cluster initiatives on issues of innovation management, financing, EU applications, international markets, regional and social transformation and innovation policy. Since 2008, SEZ is also a member of the European Enterprise Network (EEN) consortia. 

For all target groups, we offer further training on proposal writing, project management and innovation. Together with economic development agencies, representatives of the state ministries and the EU, we conceptualise and organise large congresses and information events on national and international level, bringing together innovation actors from the entire value chain. 

With various activities from the non-profit, economic as well as European sectors, we create added value for our clients: companies and start-ups, universities and research institutions, cluster initiatives and networks as well as public sector actors. 

At the SEZ’s locations in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, Germany, over 90 people are involved in more than 70 ongoing international projects. Interdisciplinary, international and highly qualified – made up of engineers, natural scientists, economists, social scientists, humanists and cultural scientists from around 15 countries, we provide clients with expert knowledge and creative ideas. 

 Under our vision & mission “Enabling innovators to grow” we  

  • empower innovators to realise their potential and drive their ideas forward.  
  • strategically connect researchers, entrepreneurs and public stakeholders, boosting previously untapped opportunities and nurturing co-creation. 


  • are passionate about bringing the world together through innovation partnerships because we believe in the impact of innovation.
  • are committed to utilising our skills and expertise for the benefit of our partners and customers, reaching out beyond the boundaries of place and expectations.
  • are committed to sustainable growth and engaged in our international network and projects, including more than 600 innovative partners.
  • want to move Europe forward in connecting competences and solving future challenges!

Within the ENDOTARGET consortium, the SEZ will ensure a broad and easy-to-grasp communication of project results and will guide the partners through efficient dissemination and intellectual property (IP) management for long-lasting exploitation strategies. The staff of the SEZ has both the necessary biomedical expertise and the innovation-promoting methodological knowledge to professionally accompany the consortium in the design of exploitation strategies, as well as the communication and dissemination of key enabling technologies created within the ENDOTARGET project. 


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