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Digital Health Uptake (DHU): Accelerating the uptake and large-scale use of digital health and care solutions in Europe 


Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is a Digital Europe Programme-financed coordination and support action which started in November 2022 and will run until October 2024. DHU’s aim is to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe. Our consortium, composed of 7 partners, will do that by providing services along three pillars 

  1. RADAR to monitor and analyse the uptake and use of digital health and care solutions in regions, Member States and associated countries. This repository of digital health practices at various maturity level, including policies, strategies, apps, complex solutions, assessment frameworks, models, etc will become a self-sustained, up-to-date collection after DHU comes to an end because we engage directly with digital health practice owners and developers to register their solutions. DHU also associates services to the RADAR such as analysis of mature solutions and their promotion in newsletters, on social media, and at events. 
  2. KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY to create an environment of cooperation and active stakeholder contribution which facilitates regular exchanges between the demand and supply sides to foster cross-border scaling up of digital health solutions and services. 
  3. ACCELERATOR to support the implementation and scaling-up of digital health solutions as well as strengthen capacity building for implementation/ uptake by identifying and qualifying relevant tools and methods, providing guidance, stimulating mutual learning and transferring of innovative practices. To this end, DHU has awarded 8 twinning projects and will provide technical assistance and capacity building to those twinning partners. 

Digital health solutions developed in publicly or privately funded projects or under other initiatives very often stop in the piloting phase before the opportunity of large deployment. This leads to a waste of resources because instead of investing a tiny bit more into further development of some of the solutions or fitting them to concrete needs, we rather reinvent the wheel simply because we have no knowledge about already existing and piloted solutions. To this end, carrying the mandate of the European Commission, DHU has set up a Europe-wide sustainable platform, the DHU RADAR where developers can upload their solutions, universities their frameworks or models and policy-makers their policies and strategies so that other demand and supply actors can consult and utilise them. Healthcare providers can search for valuable tools to easily deploy, technology developers could find manufacturers to produce the prototypes in large numbers. We are currently inviting health solution developers, healthcare providers, health professionals, researchers and policy-makers to register their solutions on the DHU RADAR. If you are a digital health solution developer yourself, please visit the DHU RADAR and register your practice! You will also benefit from additional services such as analysis of mature solutions and their promotion. 

Working with the relevant communities, DHU produces executive digests – easy to understand summaries of key priority topics in digital health – such as the use of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, interoperability of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and health apps in the European Health Data Space, and certification of health apps. Explore our existing executive digests and stay tuned as more are coming very soon. 

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