Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine Meeting 2023

12.-13. December 2023 in Vienna.

Meet the ENDOTARGET project partners at the ViCEM Meeting.

The Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine (ViCEM) is a joint cooperation center of TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien) and MedUni Wien (Medizinische Universität Wien). The centre is entitled to research and teach at the highest international level as well as to play a leading role in the national context – as a competent partner for the public sector and industry. The cooperation partners at TU Wien and MedUni Wien look back on a decade-long tradition of joint research activities at the research group level.

In an historic setting, the ViCEM meeting aims to bring together researchers and clinicians to exchange their knowledge and discuss their findings. The international keynote speakers have multidisciplinary background and research areas raising interest of biologist, technicians, and clinicians.

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ViCEM Meeting – Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine