World Microbiome Day 2024

27th June 2024

On June 27, 2024, we will join the global community in celebrating World Microbiome Day. This annual event unites us in our shared passion and knowledge about microbiomes and their immense value to humanity and the planet.

Microorganisms, also known as microbes (including bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, and more), are ubiquitous. Though usually invisible to the naked eye, they inhabit and thrive in plants, animals, water, soil, food, and humans. Within each of these environments, microorganisms form intricate communities known as ‘microbiomes.’

In ENDOTARGET, we focus on studying the significance of gut microbiota as a driver of chronic systemic inflammation and its role in the pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases to better understand the factors triggering the transition from health to disease.

World Microbiome Day is a reminder of the invisible yet indispensable role that microorganisms play in our lives. As we navigate a rapidly changing world, understanding and preserving our microbial partners will be crucial for the health and well-being of all life on Earth.

For more information and to find events near you, visit the World Microbiome Day website.

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